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The name 'Humlicek' appears to have developed as a transcriptional error of the surname 'Chmelicek'. This transcriptional error is first recorded in the parish registers in the late-1600s in the Czech-Moravian Highlands. So far, all extant families with this surname have been traced back to a handful of villages, most notably Marsovice & Frysava.



Descendants of Joannes Humliczek


1. Joannes Humliczek


2. Joannes Humliczek

  sp: Elisabetha Svoboda? (m.23 Feb 1723/1724)

3. Jan Humliczek (b.21 Mar 1724/1725-Lisna,Moravia)

3. Frantisek Humliczek (b.22 Sep 1726-Lisna,Moravia;d.2 Jul 1727)

3. Georg Humliczek (b.23 Apr 1728-Lisna,Moravia)

3. Anna Humliczek (b.20 Jun 1729-Marsovice)

3. Philip Humliczek (b.24 Apr 1732-Marsovice)

  sp: Marina Mrkosch (m.4 Sep 1753)

4. Joseph Humliczek (b.14 Feb 1754-Marsovice;d.1760)

4. Anna Humliczek (b.10 May 1756-Marsovice)

  sp: Franciscus Zobacz

4. Wenceslaus Humliczek (b.4 Oct 1759-Marsovice)

4. Joseph Humliczek (b.9 Mar 1761-Marsovice)

4. Catharina Humliczek (b.23 May 1762-Marsovice)

4. Joseph Humliczek (b.3 Mar 1765-Marsovice;d.23 Aug 1833)

  sp: Anna (Varak) (b.ABT. 1791)

  sp: Rosalia Kakacz (b.16 Aug 1759-Frysava 9?;m.8 Nov 1790;d.27 Jan 1824)

5. Johann Humliczek (b.1 Oct 1790-Frysava)

  sp: Josepha Sablyk (b.ABT. 1794-Frysava 25;m.26 Feb 1832)

6. Ignatz Humliczek (b.28 Oct 1822-Frysava 77)

  sp: Franziska Mrkwicka (b.ABT. 1837;m.7 May 1859)

7. Josef Humliczek (b.ABT. 1854-Marsovice?)

  sp: Josefa Jurman (b.ABT. 1850-Marsovice?)

7. Josefa Humliczek (b.ABT. 1855)

  sp: Jan Trnka

7. Frantisek Humliczek (b.ABT. 1856-Marsovice?)

  sp: Anna Dobrovolny (b.ABT. 1856-Kadov?)

8. Karolina Satorie Humliczek (b.7 Apr 1877-Marsovice 26)

7. Anton Humliczek (b.20 Apr 1860-Marsovice 14;d.4 May 1860)

7. Anton Humliczek (b.19 Jul 1861-Marsovice 14;d.16 Sep 1862)

7. Franziska Humliczek (b.7 Nov 1863-Marsovice 14)

6. Josef Humliczek (b.4 Mar 1825-Frysava 77)

  sp: Anna Libra (b.ABT. 1830-Blatiny?;m.27 Feb 1854)

7. Josef Humliczek (b.6 Dec 1856-Dankovice 7)

7. Franz Humliczek (b.2 Feb 1859-Dankovice 7;d.12 Jun 1915)

  sp: Mary Molva (b.ABT. 1850;m.ABT. 1879;d.30 May 1890)

8. Mary Humlicek (b.13 Apr 1879-Hale Township,MN;d.14 Apr 1970)

  sp: Anton Hlavka (m.21 May 1895)

9. Ruby Hlavka (b.ABT. 1900-Hale Township,MN)

9. Anton Hlavka (b.ABT. 1901-Hale Township,MN;d.1982)

8. Frank Humlicek (b.6 Nov 1880-Hale Township,MN;d.23 Feb 1915)

  sp: Mary Rose Herzan (b.2 Feb 1888-Silver Lake,MN;m.31 May 1910;d.26 Apr 1971)

9. Henry Humlicek (b.1911-MN;d.1983)

9. George P. Humlicek (b.1913-MN;d.1956)

9. Ethel Humlicek

8. Joseph Humlicek (b.5 Sep 1888-Hale Township,MN;d.23 Oct 1918)

  sp: Anna Anderle (b.ABT. 1860;m.ABT. 1890;d.11 Apr 1907)

8. Anna Humliczek (b.ABT. JUL 1891-Hale Township,MN;d.1975)

  sp: Thomas John Goranoski (b.11 Dec 1879-Montevideo,MN;m.26 Apr 1910;d.1946)

9. Helen Goranoski

9. Bertha J. Goranoski

9. Alice M. Goranoski

9. Rita Goranoski

7. Anton Humliczek (b.2 Feb 1859-Dankovice 7;d.10 Jun 1859)

6. Johann Humliczek (b.16 May 1827-Frysava 8)

  sp: Marie Jirous (b.ABT. 1830-Vlachovice?;m.19 Jan 1869)

7. Franziska Humlicek (b.30 Jul 1869-Marsovice 41)

7. Jozef Humlicek (b.19 Mar 1872-Marsovice 54;d.21 Jun 1872)

7. stillborn Humlicek (b.21 Aug 1873-Marsovice)

7. Anna Humlicek (b.1879-Marsovice?)


8. Josef Humlicek (b.1900)

  sp: Anna Novak (b.ABT. 1900;d.BEF. 1931)

8. Emilie Henzl

8. Ladislav Henzl

8. Frantisek Henzl

6. Franz Humliczek (b.30 Jul 1829-Frysava 8)

  sp: Josepha Stejskal (b.ABT. 1835;m.7 Mar 1859)

7. Franz Humliczek (b.17 May 1857-Marsovice 19)

7. Johann Humliczek (b.29 Aug 1862-Marsovice 19)

7. Maria Humliczek (b.6 Sep 1863-Marsovice 19)

7. Josef Humliczek (b.2 Sep 1865-Marsovice 19;d.20 Apr 1866)

7. Anna Humliczek (b.13 Nov 1868-Marsovice 19)

  sp: Frantisek Rozpravka (b.ABT. 1863-Nove Mesto?;m.22 May 1892)

7. Antonin Humliczek (b.4 Sep 1871-Marsovice 19)

7. Josef Humliczek (b.7 Dec 1873-Marsovice 19)

6. Thomas Humliczek (b.1 Aug 1831-Frysava 8;d.2 Aug 1831)

6. Vaclav Humliczek (b.1 Aug 1831-Frysava 8;d.2 Jun 1837)

6. Vincent Humliczek (b.29 Jan 1834-Frysava 70;d.15 Dec 1846)

6. Thomas Humliczek (b.5 Jul 1836-Frysava 94)

  sp: Anna Kosek (b.BEF. 1850-Blatiny)

7. Joseph Humliczek (b.18 Sep 1863-Frysava 96)

7. Anna Humliczek (b.28 Oct 1866-Frysava 27)

7. Josepha Humliczek (b.12 Feb 1868-Frysava 27)

6. Anton Humliczek (b.25 Oct 1839-Frysava 29)

5. Viktoria Humliczek (b.30 Apr 1793-Frysava 77)

  sp: Franz Jun (m.8 Mar 1820)

5. Josepha Humliczek (b.23 Apr 1796-Frysava 77)

5. Franz Humliczek (b.11 Jun 1799-Frysava 77)

  sp: Frantiska Ehrenberger (b.26 Jul 1800-Frysava)

6. Anna Humliczek (b.1823-Frysava)

  sp: Frantisek Veselsky (m.7 Sep 1851)

6. Frantisek Humliczek (b.28 Jan 1825-Frysava)

  sp: Anna Dufek (b.1832;m.9 Nov 1851)

7. Anna Humliczek (b.ABT. 1849-Frysava?)

7. Marianna Humliczek (b.27 Nov 1852-Frysava 77)

7. Franziska Humliczek (b.13 Dec 1854-Frysava 77)

7. Franz Humliczek (b.11 Sep 1856-Frysava 77)

7. Antonia Humliczek (b.7 Jun 1859-Frysava 77)

7. Josepha Humliczek (b.2 Feb 1860-Frysava 77)

7. Aloisia Humliczek (b.3 Dec 1863-Frysava 77)

7. Alois Humliczek (b.9 Jul 1869-Frysava;d.25 Feb 1870)

7. Amalia Humliczek (b.8 Jun 1871-Frysava;d.5 Jan 1872)

6. Josef Humliczek (b.23 Jan 1829-Frysava 77)

6. Frantiska Humliczek (b.19 Sep 1834-Frysava;d.27 Aug 1872)

  sp: Frantisek Popelka (b.1828;d.4 Dec 1884)

7. Franciska Humlicek Popelka (b.30 Jan 1858-Frysava 26)

7. Frantisek Humlicek Popelka (b.18 Nov 1858-Frysava 103;d.23 Sep 1882)

7. Marie Popelka (b.26 Mar 1862-Frysava 103)

7. Joseph Popelka (b.11 Feb 1866-Frysava 132)

6. Vincenc Humliczek (b.17 Sep 1837-Frysava 77)

  sp: Anna Plocek

7. stillborn Humliczek (b.16 Mar 1861-Frysava 26;d.16 Mar 1861)

7. Josef Humliczek (b.13 Mar 1863-Frysava 26)

7. Frantisek Humliczek (b.7 Apr 1866-Frysava 26;d.21 Nov 1867)

7. Anna Humliczek (b.27 Jun 1871-Frysava 26)

7. Frantisek Humliczek (b.21 Sep 1872-Tri Studne 10)

7. Frantisek Humliczek (b.21 Apr 1874-Frysava 26;d.12 May 1874)

5. Ignaz Humliczek (b.28 Aug 1801-Frysava 77;d.1862)

  sp: Rosalie Ehrenberger (b.26 Jan 1803-Frysava 87;m.3 Feb 1822;d.16 Nov 1856)

6. Anna Humliczek (b.12 Jun 1823-Frysava 87)

  sp: Johann Sr. Bukacek (b.1 Feb 1818-Vrist;m.18 Nov 1844)

7. Jozef Bukacek (b.18 Mar 1844-Frysava 78)

  sp: Frantiska Brdicko

8. Frantiska Bukacek (b.2 Nov 1870-Frysava 98)

8. Josefka Bukacek (b.12 Mar 1872-Frysava 98)

8. Frantiska Bukacek (b.17 Mar 1874-Frysava 98)

7. Johann Bukacek (b.27 Feb 1849-Frysava 90;d.23 Sep 1928)

  sp: Francisca Fousek (b.2 Aug 1849-Sklene 5;d.6 Oct 1926)

8. Frantiska Bukacek (b.1871-Frysava 78)

  sp: Paul Bartek

9. Frank Bartek

9. Fred Bartek

  sp: Edna (Bartek)

9. Henry Bartek

9. Paul Jr Bartek

9. Annie Bartek

  sp: Louie Baumgard

9. Bill Bartek

  sp: Ethel (Bartek)

9. George Bartek

  sp: Fay Henning

9. Milton Bartek

9. Wesley Bartek (b.1893)

9. Mary Bartek (b.1895)

  sp: Joe Benak

8. Josef Bukacek (b.6 Mar 1873-Frysava;d.7 Jan 1945)

  sp: Marie Theresa Benes (b.2 Oct 1874-Bratrusin 8;m.11 Nov 1895;d.3 Feb 1946)

9. Joseph Bukacek (b.1896-Plattsmouth,NE;d.Oct 1896)

9. Agnes Bukacek (b.1 Mar 1898-Plattsmouth,NE;d.16 Aug 1898)

9. Marie Anne Bukacek (b.7 Aug 1899-Plattsmouth,NE;d.27 Dec 1983)

  sp: Dewey Ernest Hahn (b.3 Apr 1898-Hickory,NC;m.7 Nov 1923;d.18 Oct 1967)

9. James Francis Bukacek (b.13 Aug 1901-Plattsmouth,NE)

  sp: Amallie Marie Schindler

9. Adolf J. Bukacek (b.26 Jul 1904-Plattsmouth,NE;d.28 Dec 1969)

  sp: Marie (Bukacek)

9. John Bukacek (b.12 May 1906-Plattsmouth,NE;d.31 Mar 1907)

9. George Paul Bukacek

9. Helen Rose Bukacek

  sp: Elwyn Baumberger (b.1916; d.Nov 1999)

8. Anna Bukacek (b.7 Mar 1875-Frysava 78)

  sp: Joseph Sedlacek

9. Joseph Jr Sedlacek

  sp: Ida McNutt

9. Emil Sedlacek

  sp: Marie Klinge

9. Albert Sedlacek

  sp: Mable Lamb

9. George Sedlacek

  sp: Helen Korinek

9. Frank Sedlacek

  sp: Rose Rozic

9. Frances Sedlacek

  sp: Frank Koubek

9. Mary Sedlacek

9. Willy Sedlacek

9. Eddie Sedlacek

9. Charlie Sedlacek

8. Marie Bukacek (b.3 Sep 1879-Frysava 78)

  sp: Frank Wondra

9. James Wondra

9. Tillie Wondra

9. John Wondra

9. Kenneth Wondra

9. Louis Wondra

9. Charles Wondra

7. Anna Bukacek (b.1851-Frysava 78)

7. Marie Bukacek (b.1853-Frysava 78)

7. Franz Bukacek (b.23 Apr 1857-Frysava 78)

  sp: Josefa (Bukacek) (b.4 Jun 1855-Jimramov;m.BEF. 1880)

8. Josefa Bukacek (b.26 Jan 1880-Frysava 87)

7. Adolf Bukacek (b.10 Mar 1860-Frysava 78)

7. Frantiska Bukacek (b.1864-Frysava 78)

6. Jan Humliczek (b.16 May 1825-Frysava)

6. Josepha Humliczek (b.1827-Frysava)

  sp: Jozef Sablik (b.1831-Frysava 74;m.8 Jun 1853)

6. Ignaz Jr Humliczek (b.30 Jul 1829-Frysava)

  sp: Josepha Kakacz (m.3 Nov 1857)

7. Anna Humliczek (b.29 Sep 1857-Frysava)

7. Antonia Humliczek (b.21 Apr 1862-Frysava 8)

7. Josepha Humliczek (b.5 May 1860-Frysava 8)

6. Frantisek Humliczek (b.8 Nov 1831-Frysava)

  sp: Frantiska Stehlik (b.1835-Kadov/Lisna;m.AFT. 1859)

7. Frantisek Stehlik Humliczek (b.26 Aug 1859-Frysava,Moravia;d.10 Oct 1908)

  sp: Barbara Tomrdle (b.25 Sep 1865;m.9 Apr 1883;d.8 Oct 1952)

8. Frank John Humliczek (b.16 Feb 1884-West Point,NE;d.12 Feb 1965)

  sp: Gladys Adora Korb (b.23 Sep 1889-West Point,NE;m.22 Jun 1908;d.3 Apr 1965)

9. Robert Ellsworth Humliczek

9. Erwin Russell Humliczek (b.18 Jan 1915;d.5 Feb 1991)

9. Leland Francis Humliczek

9. Korb Telle Humliczek

9. Carol Elizabeth Humliczek

9. Loren Keith Humliczek (b.11 Oct 1924;d.1 Jan 1997)

9. Ella Marie Humliczek

8. Joseph Herman Humliczek (b.7 Apr 1887-West Point,NE;d.24 Jan 1971)

  sp: Maude Graham (b.12 Jun 1894-Oak,NE;m.13 Sep 1913;d.10 Nov 1975)

9. Roy Dean Humliczek

9. Kenneth Albert Humliczek (b.29 Jun 1918-Council Bluffs,IA;d.12 Jul 1996)

9. Joseph 'Pete' Humliczek (b.5 Jun 1920-Council Bluffs,IA;d.Mar 1986)

9. Lyle Keith Humliczek

8. Adolph Humliczek (b.26 Aug 1888-West Point,NE;d.Aug 1963)

8. Emil Emanuel Humliczek (b.23 Mar 1896-West Point,NE;d.10 Dec 1977)

  sp: Mildred Julia Menshik (b.6 Sep 1899-North Bend,NE;m.11 Jul 1922;d.1 May 1988)

8. Emilie Frances Humliczek

7. Josef Humliczek (b.19 Feb 1865-Frysava 87;d.Mar 1926)

7. Frantiska Humliczek (b.17 Mar 1867-Frysava 87;d.Jan 1928)

  sp: Charles Krepla (b.1859-Bohemia;m.24 Oct 1893;d.1938)

8. Frank Krepla

8. William Krepla

8. Rudolph Krepla

7. Adolf Humliczek (b.21 Dec 1869-Frysava 87)

7. Josefka Humliczek (b.13 Mar 1873-Frysava 87;d.3 Aug 1874)

6. Joseph Humliczek (b.24 May 1834-Frysava 87)

  sp: Josefa Baschta (b.1835-Frysava 101;m.22 Nov 1858)

7. Josef Humliczek (b.24 Apr 1859-Frysava 6;d.24 Nov 1882)

7. Johan Humliczek (b.8 Feb 1863-Frysava 6)

7. Frantisek Humliczek (b.16 Dec 1865-Frysava 6;d.1872)

7. Josefa Humliczek (b.16 Dec 1865-Frysava 6)

7. Maria Humliczek (b.15 Apr 1869-Frysava 6)

7. Frantiska Humliczek (b.24 Dec 1870-Frysava 6)

6. Frantiska Humliczek (b.7 May 1836-Frysava;d.20 Nov 1836)

6. Vincenc Humliczek (b.19 Aug 1837-Frysava)

  sp: Frantiska Walisch (m.10 Jul 1863)

7. Franciska Humliczek (b.1 Jul 1869-Tri Studne 28)

7. Vincent Cenek Humliczek (b.4 Jun 1870-Frysava 28)

7. Frantiska Humliczek (b.23 Feb 1875-Tri Studne 28)

7. Adolf Humlicek (b.9 Dec 1878-Tri Studne;d.7 Oct 1950)


8. Marie Humlicek

8. Josef Humlicek

  sp: Frantiska Popelkova (b.7 Feb 1918-Policka?;d.2001)

6. Frantiska Humliczek (b.27 May 1840-Frysava 87)

  sp: Josef Grosof (b.7 Jun 1839-Tri Studne 26;m.15 Jul 1862)

7. Frantiska Grosof (b.18 Apr 1863-Tri Studne 26;d.24 Apr 1918)

  sp: Johann Loub (b.9 Sep 1867-Tri Studne 21;m.25 Nov 1890;d.14 Sep 1944)

8. Frantisek Loub (b.21 Sep 1889-Tri Studne;d.27 Mar 1939)

8. Bohumil Loub (b.19 Jun 1892-Tri Studne;d.16 Jul 1922)

8. Josef Loub (b.6 Oct 1894-Tri Studne;d.17 Sep 1966)

  sp: Marie Haudlir (b.14 Jul 1901-Praha;m.19 Sep 1926;d.7 Nov 1970)

9. Josef Loub

  sp: Jitka Kocian

8. Rudolf Loub (b.20 Mar 1897-Tri Studne;d.25 Jan 1937)

  sp: Anna Polanska (b.9 Mar 1902;m.10 Feb 1923;d.10 Aug 1981)

9. Josef Loub

  sp: Vera Loub

8. Otto Loub (b.4 Jun 1899-Tri Studne;d.14 Jul 1978)

8. Jan Loub (b.1900-Tri Studne)

8. Emanuel Loub (b.1901;d.Sep 1948)

  sp: Anna Multrusova

6. Thomas Humliczek (b.13 Jan 1843-Frysava;d.5 May 1843)

6. Karel Humliczek (b.17 Sep 1845-Frysava;d.26 Feb 1847)

5. Thomas Humliczek (b.20 Dec 1804-Frysava #77;d.13 Aug 1805)

5. Anna Humliczek (b.15 Oct 1807-Frysava 77)

  sp: Joseph Basta (b.1806-Frysava 38;m.3 Nov 1828)

4. Franciscus Humliczek (b.1 Oct 1767-Marsovice)

4. Wenceslaus Humliczek (b.1 Oct 1767-Marsovice)

4. Rosalia Humliczek (b.27 Aug 1769-Marsovice)

3. Joseph Humliczek (b.13 Feb 1734/1735-Marsovice;d.11 Apr 1735)

3. Mathias Humliczek (b.10 Feb 1735/1736-Marsovice;d.8 Sep 1736)

3. Mathias Humliczek (b.17 Feb 1736/1737-Marsovice)

  sp: Theresia Jedliczka (b.26 Dec 1731-Nove Mesto na Morave;m.22 Jan 1760;d.BEF. Nov 1771)

4. Thomas Humlicek (b.21 Dec 1760-Marsovice;d.27 Jan 1762)

4. Catharina Humlicek (b.6 Jun 1762-Marsovice;d.23 Sep 1763)

4. Anton Humlicek (b.7 Jan 1764-Marsovice;d.28 Dec 1844)

  sp: Marianna Lojek (b.1768-Marsovice;m.22 Feb 1789;d.2 Jan 1832)

5. Johann Humlicek (b.7 May 1790-Marsovice 17;d.1 Oct 1791)

5. Mathias Humlicek (b.29 Aug 1791-Marsovice 17;d.BEF. 1861)

  sp: Anna Slama (b.25 May 1794-Marsovice 16;m.26 Nov 1831)

6. Frantiska Humlicek (b.11 Dec 1832-Marsovice 51)

6. Jan Humlicek (b.10 Feb 1835-Marsovice 51;d.1900)

  sp: Katerina Pohanka (b.24 Feb 1836-Marsovice 4;m.3 Feb 1861)

7. Jan Humlicek (b.5 Nov 1859-Marsovice 43;d.20 Sep 1932)

  sp: Katherina Dolezal (b.24 Oct 1866-Kninice;m.22 Nov 1886;d.18 Feb 1948)

8. Infant Humlicek (b.22 Aug 1887)

8. John L. Humlicek (b.8 Nov 1888-Saunders Co.,Ne;d.24 Jun 1956)

  sp: Mary Swoboda (b.1889-Linwood,NE;m.14 Jan 1913;d.1989)

9. Blanche M. Humlicek

  sp: Anton V. Nesladek (d.5 Jun 1966)

9. Ernest J. Humlicek

  sp: Marietta H. Bauer

9. Victor J. Humlicek

  sp: Virginia E. Lach

8. Frantiska Humlicek (b.30 Sep 1890)

8. Joseph Cyril Humlicek (b.12 Nov 1892-Linwood,NE;d.13 Jan 1963)

  sp: Mary Anne Pavel (b.21 Apr 1895-Abie,NE;m.8 Jun 1913;d.21 Jun 1961)

9. Anne R. Humlicek (b.13 Oct 1913-Abie,NE;d.5 Feb 1986)

  sp: Thomas J. Nemec

8. Peter P. Humlicek (b.5 Feb 1894-Linwood,NE;d.25 Feb 1932)

  sp: Emma Moravec (b.2 Feb 1898-Plasi,NE;m.26 Jan 1920;d.6 Nov 1986)

9. Milo P. Humlicek (b.8 Jan 1921-Linwood,NE;d.29 Jun 1997)

  sp: Martha G. Rakowitz

9. Peter P. Jr. Humlicek (b.17 Sep 1922-Linwood,NE;d.8 Sep 1974)

  sp: Patricia C. Hupp

9. Alyce Humlicek (b.11 Jan 1925-Linwood,NE;d.25 May 1955)

9. Clarence C. Humlicek

  sp: Laura Mae Schieffer

8. Paul Humlicek (b.Feb 1894)

8. Adolf Jerald Humlicek (b.1 Feb 1896-Linwood,NE;d.12 Dec 1981)

  sp: Anna Polacek (b.4 May 1899-Abie,NE;m.3 Feb 1920;d.13 Oct 1973)

8. George Edward Humlicek (b.11 Jan 1898-Linwood,NE;d.24 May 1962)

  sp: Marie Anna Polacek (b.3 Jul 1901-Abie,NE;m.27 Feb 1922;d.27 Jul 1979)

8. Cyril Matthias Humlicek (b.2 Jul 1899-Linwood,NE;d.3 Mar 1968)

  sp: Ida R. Pospichal (b.2 Aug 1902-Bruno,NE;m.14 Feb 1922)

9. Mildred D. Humlicek (b.21 Aug 1922-Valparaiso,NE;d.24 Jul 1975)

  sp: Richard A. Styskal (b.3 Nov 1919-David City,NE;m.18 Nov 1940;d.16 Dec 1973)

9. Richard John Humlicek

  sp: Betty J. Wilson

9. Irene Rose Humlicek (b.31 May 1926-Ulysses,NE;d.12 Apr 1990)

  sp: Marvin W. Stier (b.14 Sep 1925-Schuyler,NE;m.4 Aug 1947;d.19 Mar 1989)

9. Gloria Humlicek

  sp: Joseph Firmature

8. Philip Florian Humlicek (b.13 Aug 1903-Linwood,NE;d.14 Aug 1969)

  sp: Bessie Albina Svoboda (b.1903-Howells,NE;m.16 Jun 1925)

7. Frantiska Humlicek (b.7 Apr 1863-Marsovice 4;d.4 Jan 1914)

  sp: Joseph Dolezal (b.5 Mar 1861-Kninice,Bohemia;m.16 Jun 1884;d.28 May 1950)

8. Joseph Dolezal (b.1885;d.BEF. 1900)

8. Frantiska Dolezal (b.7 Apr 1885-Morse Bluff,NE;d.3 Aug 1964)

  sp: Joseph W. Sloup (b.3 May 1878-Saunders Co.,NE;m.30 May 1904;d.2 Jan 1955)

9. George Sloup (b.1905;d.1933)

9. Rudolph Sloup

8. Mary K. Dolezal (b.18 Oct 1888-Saunders Co.,NE;d.23 Apr 1936)

  sp: Joseph J. Nemec (b.28 Jul 1884-Linwood,NE;m.16 May 1911;d.26 Oct 1966)

9. Frank M. Nemec

9. Lillian Nemec

9. Julius A. Nemec

8. Agnes J. Dolezal (b.17 Aug 1895-Saunders Co.,NE;d.12 Feb 1989)

  sp: John K. Hines (b.1888;m.20 Apr 1915;d.8 Jan 1956)

9. Marie Hines

  sp: Hamata

7. Frantisek Humlicek (b.2 Oct 1869-Marsovice 4;d.4 Dec 1924)

  sp: Frantiska Codr (b.5 Oct 1865-Moravia;m.12 May 1890;d.17 Jan 1943)

8. Frank George Humlicek (b.1 Sep 1892-Linwood,NE;d.11 Sep 1981)

  sp: Emma Schmid (b.9 Apr 1900-Appleton,NE;m.23 Jan 1923;d.31 May 1971)

8. Agnes Humlicek (b.15 Dec 1893-Linwood,NE;d.11 Jun 1963)

  sp: Hobert Tranda (b.30 Jun 1890;m.1 May 1923;d.15 Apr 1968)

8. Anton G. Humlicek (b.28 Mar 1896-Linwood,NE;d.31 May 1987)

  sp: Rose L. Ostry (b.30 Aug 1893-Prague,NE;m.20 May 1924;d.3 Feb 1981)

8. Mary Humlicek (b.15 Apr 1899-Linwood,NE;d.21 May 1988)

  sp: Benjamin O. Wesely (b.11 Nov 1889-Cedar Bluffs,NE;m.1 May 1923;d.7 Feb 1971)

8. Ludmilla Humlicek (b.14 Sep 1903-Linwood,NE;d.31 Aug 1990)

  sp: Louis C. Ostry (b.16 Jun 1891-Prague,NE;m.30 Jan 1923;d.27 Jun 1971)

8. Edward Francis Humlicek (b.15 Jan 1906-Linwood,NE;d.29 Nov 1990)

  sp: Anna Marie Oborny (b.2 Sep 1911-Schuyler,NE;m.16 Jan 1934;d.7 Sep 1995)

5. Catharina Humlicek (b.14 Mar 1793-Marsovice 17)

5. Anton Humlicek (b.30 Nov 1795-Marsovice 17)

5. Anna Humlicek (b.27 Nov 1797-Marsovice 17;d.11 Sep 1799)

5. Johann Humlicek (b.8 Jul 1800-Marsovice 17;d.7 Jun 1803)

5. Anna Humlicek (b.17 Jun 1802-Marsovice 17;d.21 Jun 1802)

5. Frantisek Humlicek (b.5 May 1805-Marsovice 17)

  sp: Antonie Schier (b.27 Jan 1810-Vlachovice 10;m.3 Jul 1831)

6. Arnoldus Humlicek (b.18 Jul 1832-Nove Mesto na Morave 2;d.30 Jul 1832)

6. Antonie Humlicek (b.9 Aug 1833-Nove Mesto na Morave 3)

  sp: Johann Laub (b.9 Jan 1838-Tri Studne 21;m.23 Feb 1862)

7. Anna Loub (b.13 Mar 1863-Tri Studne 21;d.7 Jan 1882)

7. Joseph Loub (b.19 Mar 1866-Tri Studne 21)

7. Johann Loub (b.9 Sep 1867-Tri Studne 21;d.14 Sep 1944)

  sp: Frantiska Grosof (b.18 Apr 1863-Tri Studne 26;m.25 Nov 1890;d.24 Apr 1918)

8. Frantisek Loub (b.21 Sep 1889-Tri Studne;d.27 Mar 1939)

8. Bohumil Loub (b.19 Jun 1892-Tri Studne;d.16 Jul 1922)

8. Josef Loub (b.6 Oct 1894-Tri Studne;d.17 Sep 1966)

8. Rudolf Loub (b.20 Mar 1897-Tri Studne;d.25 Jan 1937)

8. Otto Loub (b.4 Jun 1899-Tri Studne;d.14 Jul 1978)

8. Jan Loub (b.1900-Tri Studne)

8. Emanuel Loub (b.1901;d.Sep 1948)

  sp: Marie Juranek (b.16 Jul 1897-Tri Studne;m.22 Jul 1919;d.27 Apr 1980)

8. Marie Loub

8. Vlastislav Loub (b.8 Nov 1920-Tri Studne;d.30 May 1999)

8. Ladislav Loub (b.2 Nov 1922;d.9 May 1995)

8. Miroslav Loub (b.3 Aug 1924-Tri Studne;d.18 Nov 1976)

8. Milada Loub (b.1 Dec 1926-Tri Studne;d.7 May 1989)

  sp: Jaromir Vokroj (b.11 Jan 1925;m.23 Mar 1951;d.11 Mar 2000)

8. Vera Loub

  sp: Josef Loub

8. Jan Loub

8. Kvetoslava Loub (b.15 Mar 1933-Tri Studne;d.11 Jul 1936)

8. Zdena Loub

7. Antonie Loub (b.12 Jun 1873-Tri Studne 21;d.5 Sep 1891)

7. Marie Loub (b.12 Aug 1875-Tri Studne 21)

  sp: Antonin Brabec (m.23 Jun 1896)

6. Franz Humlicek (b.31 May 1835-Marsovice 17)

  sp: Josepha Petr (b.24 Aug 1839-Vlachovice 5;m.9 Jun 1862)

7. Maria Humlicek (b.6 Sep 1863-Marsovice 1)

7. Franz Humlicek (b.10 Mar 1865-Marsovice 1)

7. Adolf Humlicek (b.21 Aug 1868-Marsovice 1)

7. Josefa Humlicek (b.31 Oct 1869-Marsovice 1)

6. Anton Humlicek (b.14 Jun 1852-Vlachovice 35;d.1 Sep 1898)

  sp: Carolina Peter (b.22 Oct 1846-Vlachovice 5;m.BEF. May 1878;d.20 Feb 1926)

7. Caroline Humlicek (b.25 May 1878-Vlachovice;d.25 Aug 1968)

  sp: Joseph Havlish (b.13 Apr 1878;m.17 May 1894;d.4 Sep 1961)

8. Walter Joseph Havlish (b.25 Oct 1894;d.26 Feb 1961)

  sp: Eva (Havlish)

9. June Havlish

  sp: Jack J. Erdmann (b.8 Oct 1920-Valley City,ND;d.24 Oct 1999)

8. Marie Antoinette Havlish (b.6 Jun 1898-Glencoe,MN;d.10 Dec 1997)

  sp: Hjalmar Norman Gustafson (b.5 Feb 1892;m.30 Jun 1925;d.15 Mar 1978)

9. Richard Gustafson

  sp: Hazel (Gustafson)

8. Regina Esther Havlish (b.21 Jun 1901-Glencoe,MN;d.3 Sep 1992)

  sp: Clifford Wood (b.23 Feb 1910;m.26 Sep 1929;d.31 Mar 1985)

8. Archibald Havlish (b.11 Mar 1903-Olivia,MN;d.26 Jan 1964)

  sp: Ada E. Novak (b.2 Feb 1900;m.11 Oct 1928;d.22 Jan 1994)

9. Donald Havlish

9. Joan Havlish

  sp: Frank J. Greenburg (b.9 Aug 1934;d.27 Feb 1992)

9. Carol Ann Havlish (b.4 Aug 1935;d.22 Aug 1991)

  sp: James McClellan

8. Harvey Vernon Havlish (b.29 May 1905-Appleton,MN;d.1996)

  sp: Rose Marie Draeger

9. Nancy Havlish (b.2 Aug 1945;d.31 Dec 1987)

8. Douglas George Havlish (b.20 Feb 1907-Olivia,MN)

  sp: Ruth (Havlish)

8. Leona Beatrice Havlish (b.29 Apr 1908-Olivia,MN;d.23 Sep 1976)

  sp: John William Hemmi (b.5 Oct 1900;m.22 Jun 1939;d.3 Feb 1948)

  sp: Frank Andrasko (b.25 Aug 1908;m.27 Apr 1949;d.31 Aug 1993)

9. Carol Elizabeth Hemmi

  sp: Dennis Schwartzbauer

8. Gladys Dorothy Havlish (b.24 Jul 1910-Olivia,MN;d.24 Sep 1997)

  sp: Alphonse Brisbois

8. Joseph Vincent Havlish

  sp: Alice M. McNamara (d.1991)

8. Howard M. Havlish

  sp: Mary Sheskern

8. Helen Frances Havlish

  sp: James Matzke (b.15 Feb 1912;d.23 Mar 1996)

7. Mary Elizabeth Humlicek (b.5 Oct 1887-Glencoe,MN;d.21 Apr 1985)

  sp: Adolph Edward Barton (b.17 Apr 1884-Lisna,Moravia;m.18 Apr 1921;d.5 Feb 1963)

8. Jerome Philip Barton (b.14 Feb 1922-Grey Eagle,MN;d.14 Aug 1973)

  sp: Lorraine Anna Herzog (b.22 Jul 1925-Millwood Twnsp.,MN;m.18 Nov 1943;d.25 May 1978)

8. Cyril James Barton

  sp: Vivian Hoage

  sp: Bronislava Olchowa (b.4 Apr 1926-Trzetrzewina,Poland;d.29 May 1961)

6. Anna Humlicek (b.16 Aug 1855-Vlachovice 35;d.29 Jun 1856)

5. Josef Humlicek (b.28 Jun 1807-Marsovice 17)

  sp: Anna Kozak (b.ABT. 1807-Marsovice 21?;m.25 Nov 1828)

6. Josefa Humlicek (b.ABT. 1831-Marsovice)

  sp: Adalbert Nemec (b.ABT. 1823-Marsovice?;m.10 Feb 1851)

6. Joseph Humlicek (b.19 Jul 1834-Marsovice 21)

  sp: Cecilia Mrkos (b.ABT. 1835-Frysava)

7. Joseph Humlicek (b.3 Dec 1863-Frysava 110)

7. Maria Humlicek (b.19 Oct 1865-Frysava 110)

7. Josef Humlicek (b.24 Jul 1867-Marsovice 17)

6. Johann Humlicek (b.1 Sep 1837-Marsovice 21)

  sp: Josefa Cechal (b.ABT. 1840-Marsovice;m.16 May 1871)

7. Josef Humlicek (b.13 Feb 1872)


8. Josefa Humlicek (b.1901;d.1988)

8. Josef Humlicek (b.1903;d.1986)


9. Josef Humlicek (b.1930;d.1986)

9. Marie Humlicek

  sp: Novosad

9. Vlasta Humlicek

8. Bohumil Humlicek (b.1905;d.1984)

8. Petr Humlicek (b.1907)

8. Richard Humlicek (b.1909;d.1983)

7. Maria Humlicek (b.22 Oct 1873)

6. Anna Humlicek (b.10 Jan 1841-Marsovice 21)

  sp: Franz Kasstiac? (b.ABT. 1832-Marsovice?;m.22 Jan 1856)

  sp: Josef Cechal (b.ABT. 1841;m.1871)

7. Anna Cechal (b.21 May 1872-Marsovice 38)

7. Jan Cechal (b.28 Oct 1876-Marsovice 38;d.4 Dec 1876)

6. Franz Humlicek (b.4 Jul 1843-Marsovice 21)

6. Anton Humlicek (b.12 Mar 1847-Marsovice 21)

5. Johann Humlicek (b.9 Jan 1813-Marsovice 17)

  sp: Josepha Kozak (b.ABT. 1808-Marsovice 21?;m.6 Mar 1832)

6. Franciscus Humlicek (b.31 Aug 1834-Marsovice 17)

  sp: Franziska Laukasch (b.ABT. 1837-Marsovice 15?;m.17 May 1863)

6. Anna Humlicek (b.3 Jul 1835-Marsovice 17)

  sp: Franz Kostal (b.ABT. 1835-Marsovice?)

7. Katharina Kostal (b.26 Feb 1863-Marsovice 49)

7. Frantisek Kostal (b.26 Dec 1872-Marsovice 49)

7. Josef Kostal (b.13 Aug 1876-Marsovice 49;d.28 Nov 1876)

6. Johann Humlicek (b.25 Jul 1837-Marsovice 17)

  sp: Franziska Plocek (b.ABT. 1840-Kuklik?)

7. Franciska Humlicek (b.3 Apr 1867-Marsovice 17)

  sp: Frantisek Prosecky (b.ABT. 1859-Domanin 47?;m.29 Jan 1889)

7. Anna Humlicek (b.27 Jul 1869-Marsovice 17)

  sp: Josef Humlicek (b.10 Apr 1867-Marsovice 18;m.8 Oct 1894)

7. Jan Humlicek (b.29 Jul 1871-Marsovice 17)

7. Josefa Humlicek (b.21 Jan 1873-Marsovice 17;d.BEF. 1874)

7. Josefa Humlicek (b.10 Apr 1874-Marsovice 17)

  sp: Jan Sablik (b.ABT. 1870-Marsovice?;m.16 Apr 1894)

7. Maria Humlicek (b.3 Apr 1877-Marsovice 17)

6. Joseph Humlicek (b.8 Jan 1840-Marsovice 17)

6. Josepha Humlicek (b.14 Feb 1842-Marsovice 17)

6. Franziska Humlicek (b.9 Jan 1846-Marsovice 17)

6. Katharina Humlicek (b.14 Jan 1852-Marsovice 17)

  sp: Josef Sir (b.ABT. 1852-Marsovice?;m.18 Jan 1876)

4. Josephus Humlicek (b.9 Feb 1766-Marsovice)

  sp: Juditha Brazda (b.ABT. 1770;m.5 Jan 1795)

5. Johann Humlicek (b.17 Jan 1797-Marsovice 17)

5. Joseph Humlicek (b.17 Aug 1799-Marsovice 17)

5. Johann Humlicek (b.15 Jul 1802-Marsovice 17)

5. Johann Humlicek (b.1 Aug 1804-Marsovice 17)

5. Maria Anna Humlicek (b.17 May 1807-Marsovice 17)

4. Joannes Humlicek (b.4 Feb 1769-Marsovice)

  sp: Anna Jambor (m.26 Nov 1771)

4. Anna Humliczek (b.25 Mar 1773-Marsovice 17;d.BEF. 1776)

4. Catharina Humliczek (b.11 Jul 1774-Marsovice 17)

4. Anna Humliczek (b.7 Jan 1776-Marsovice 17)

4. Theresia Humliczek (b.9 Jul 1777-Marsovice 17;d.BEF. 1780)

4. Rosailia Humliczek (b.3 Jul 1778-Marsovice 17)

  sp: Johann Slama (b.ABT. 1773-Marsovice 3;m.14 Nov 1797)

4. Theresia Humliczek (b.27 Jun 1780-Marsovice 17)

3. Marina Humliczek (b.23 Apr 1739-Marsovice)

  sp: Nicolaus Slama (m.22 Jan 1760)

4. Thomas Slama (b.19 Oct 1760-Marsovice)

4. Josephus Slama (b.19 Oct 1762-Marsovice)

4. Jacobus Slama (b.26 Feb 1765-Marsovice)

4. Joannes Slama (b.16 Jun 1767-Marsovice)

4. Anna Slama (b.22 Jul 1768-Marsovice)

4. Joannes Slama (b.4 May 1771-Marsovice)

4. Franciscus Slama (b.24 Dec 1772-Marsovice 16)

4. Marina Slama (b.23 Dec 1776-Marsovice 16)

3. Georgius Humliczek (b.22 Mar 1740/1741-marsovice)

3. Dorothea Humliczek (b.8 Jan 1743/1744)


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